Pre-filled Paperpots for sustainable cultivation 

Simply order what you need, when you need it, where you need it! 

Paper, in high quality 

Cultivate with high resistance to fungus 

PlantPaper U1 is certified 100% Bio-based paper, produced in Ribe, Denmark. It biodegrades without leaving any micro plastics in the soil. The physically perforated paper allows air to flow to the roots, while the paper properties ensures a cultivation free of fungus.

Soil, with great nutrition

What soil does your crop need?

Every crop has its unique environmental conditions for producing quality yields. A key ingredient is a rich soil with the right properties for your cultivation. We supply to various growers around Northern Europe, and we are ready to supply our knowhow and experience to make your crops thrive.

Healthy crops

Our success is defined by your results

The daily successes of our growers is what makes our business great as well. We focus on a high level of communication and strive to keep our clients happy by helping them grow healthy and strong plants. PlantPaper can be used for both forestry,  pot and bedding, fruits and plant cultivation.

Fungus-free & High air-flow Paper

Healthy flowers with strong roots is what U1 provides to our gardeners. 

PlantPaper U1

The conscious choice for sustainable cultivation

PlantPaper Production offers several types of paper for propagation, but the one we recommend for optimal growing conditions is PlantPaper U1. It is a certified 100% bio-based paper quality with physically perforated holes to ensure optimal airflow. This solution includes trays from market leading manufactures such as Modiform, in order to supply the perfect distribution of air, water and drainage for your crop.

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Advantages of U1:

  • High resilience to fungus

  • Easy water absorption

  • Suitable for automation

  • No polyester for reinforcement

  • No chemical glue, food-safe cultivation

  • No pesticides needed


Delivery on time - at your door

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100% bio-based

Works against fungus

High aeration of roots


No fossil oils, polyester or glue  

Physically perforated paper

Patented design

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Certified 100% bio-based, and works against fungus

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